Karen Bodine CrowdSolve Bonus episode

Bonus Episode Karen Bodine CrowdSolve From The Murder In My Family

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37 year-old Karen Bodine's lifeless body was found discarded along a Rochester, WA highway in January, 2007. The mother of 3 had wrestled with drugs for much of her life, and her family feels that because of this, her case didn't get much press coverage. But her case has not been forgotten! Over a decade later, Karen's case is getting a new look from a bunch of fresh eyes. In October, 2019, Seattle will host a Crimecon Crowd Solve event in which hundreds of citizen detectives will work side by side with investigators in an attempt to make progress in, or solve Karen's case. In this episode, you'll hear more about that Crowd Solve event, as well as hear from Karen's mom, Sharron, and Crimecon organizer Kevin Balfe.

If you have information about Karen Bodine's murder, please call the Olympia Thurston County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS

To learn more about Crimecon and how to participate in Karen Bodine's Seattle CrowdSolve event happening October 17-20 visit the Crimecon CrowdSolve page

To check out Karen Bodine's Facebook page that was set up by her family, visit Justice For Karen Bodine: My Mother's Unsolved Homicide Investigation

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