Episode 69: The Karen Bodine homicide

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During the early morning hours of January 22, 2007, the body of a nude woman was found along the Littlerock Road Southwest in Thurston County, Washington. The deceased was identified as Karen Bodine, a mother of three. Detectives learned that Karen was with a group of people during the early morning hours. It’s believed she was with the group just hours before her death. Authorities have stated that whoever killer Karen likely wanted her body to be seen immediately since there was no attempt to hide it. It’s also believed there are several people who know what happened to Karen. Karlee Odin, who is Karen’s oldest daughter, described her mother as passionate, fiery and creative. Karen’s mother and children considered her the center of their lives. According to Karlee, it was important for her mother to let her loved ones know how much she loved them. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any new breaks on this case because no one is talking. For this story, I spoke to Karlee Odin, who is Karen Bodine’s oldest daughter. She said she has never been the same since losing her mother. Today, Karlee and her two siblings are on an endless quest to find out who killed their mother. Do you know what happened to Karen? If you do, please either contact the Thurston County Sheriff’s department at 360-786-5500 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. There is also reward money for anyone who can help lead to the capture of Karen’s killer or killers. You can also visit Karen Bodine's FB for more information about this case. The page is titled: Justice For Karen Bodine: My Mother's Unsolved Homicide Investigation Opening audio provided by the Olympian https://www.theolympian.com Please also visit my website for more information about my true crime and paranormal newspaper columns at www.themarcabe.com. You can also help support my podcast by making a Paypal donation to augustlake@fuse.net at https://bit.ly/39iw6iz. If you would like to contact me about this podcast, please email me at catchmykiller@gmail.com.